is an exciting new way to view political debates online. Instead of traditional hour long videos, we present each candidate’s answer to every question in unedited short 90-second videos. All candidates are asked the same questions, which will be decided on by voters through a crowdsourced survey. This format makes it easy to compare and share candidate’s positions on the issues that matter most to local voters.

All candidates are asked the same questions, which will be decided on by voters through our newly launched crowdsourced survey.

New York City Mayor’s Race

With more than 20 candidates running in the NYC Democratic primary and ranked choice voting for the first time, figuring out how to rank your top five choices is a big challenge. That’s why, in partnership with the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, is creating a comprehensive short video guide for voters, freely accessible to all online.

All Democratic primary mayoral candidates on the ballot will be invited to participate in separate Zoom interviews with Abzug Institute founder Liz Abzug and journalist Jonathan Greenberg, Inform Your’s founder.


Questions That Local Voters Care About Survey

We just launched our new crowdsourced survey so that the questions asked of each candidate reflect the issues that local voters care most about. We invite all New Yorkers to vote on which ten questions get asked of each candidate on the ballot of this year’s historic mayoral election.


NYC Candidates Video Debate Launches May 3rd

On May 3rd, each candidate’s 90-second answer to each crowdsourced question will become available on this website in the most easy-to-use and easy-to-share format ever created. Our unique “Candidates Video Debate” format was first launched during the 2020 election for 30 important congressional elections in a dozen states.  


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