Indiana Town Halls

A Conversation with Rep. André Carson(D)                                                                

Representative André Carson (D)

Indiana Town Halls

Congressman André D. Carson is currently serving his seventh full term as the representative for Indiana’s 7th Congressional District. He is a senior member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He also serves as the Chairman of the Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee and as a member of the Strategic Technologies and Advanced Research Subcommittee on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Congressman Carson is a proud Indianapolis native, having grown up on the city’s east side. Before taking office, Congressman Carson served on the Indianapolis City-County Council and worked full-time in law enforcement.

Indiana Town Halls is a start-up nonpartisan non-profit whose mission is to empower citizen engagement in democracy through moderated, civil two-way listening and learning conversations between an inclusive cross-section of citizens and their candidates and Members of Congress. Our organization aims to create a unique Indiana Town Hall model that combines new era media technology with traditional civic engagement tools to restore trust between politicians and citizens and bring greater transparency, accountability, and citizen participation to our political process. This town hall was held virtually and broadcast live on October 7th, 2021. 


  • 1. Opening statement
  • 2. Is federal legislation needed to ensure the right to vote, and if so, what kind of legislation do you propose?
  • 3. Do you support mail-in or drive-up voting?
  • 4. Given that Congress is so divided, how can the Democratic House majority act to protect voting?
  • 5. What can civic organizations do to support and advance federal efforts to protect access to voting?
  • 6. Realistically, what can be done to increase voter turnout in Indiana?
  • 7. What can you do to persuade the other Hoosier legislators to repudiate conspiracies about the 2020 election and attack on the capital?
  • 8. Should the Jan 6. commission recommend criminal charges against former President Trump?
  • 9. What are specific ways that high profile Democrats can ensure that the party takes the needs of Black Americans seriously?
  • 10. What additional legislation would you introduce or support to address the negative impacts of student loans?
  • 11. What message do you have for healthcare workers who have struggled caring for patients through the pandemic?
  • 12. Is the Biden administration doing a good job of handling of covid-19?
  • 13. What is the Biden administration doing to ensure that black businesses are not left out of the congressional infrastructure bill?
  • 14. What do you see as most impactful in protecting and enhancing the economy of Indianapolis and the state?
  • 15. How can the K-12 system promote alternatives to college, such as apprenticeship programs?
  • 16. What is your opinion on term limits?
  • 17. Would you ever consider running for governor?
  • 18. How can the infrastructure bill help to reconnect Indianapolis communities destroyed by the new interstate?
  • 19. Why can’t veterans choose to visit other providers when the VA system fails to meet their needs?
  • 20. Would you support funding a national program to prevent gun violence through intervention programs focused on both victims and perpetrators?
  • 21. Closing statement

Inform Your is a non-profit, non-partisan democratizing media platform committed to bringing greater transparency and voter literacy to the electoral process.

Our unique Candidates Video Debate format allows voters to easily compare short videos of candidates answering the same locally crowdsourced questions in a pundit-free environment.

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